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What to Expect

Your willingness to be brutally self honest is assumed. Your idenitity, value system and self image will be challenged. Resistence and fear might show up. Your ability to trust or surrender will be challenged and attachments shaken. Understanding and wisdom may be cultivated. Your attention will be directed inward and you can discover for yourself that what you are looking for is where you are looking from.


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How Often?

Most who work with Jac privately schedule a quarterly appointment. At least two to three months between sessions offers time to break habits that are identified with Jac's help. Others schedule on a needs basis. She often suggests homework and it is important to allow sufficient time for new practices to yield a shift in perspective and to integrate whatever might happen during the session.


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These meetings happen over Skype or Zoom and are confidential. Jac audio records the meeting and sends you a link for you to download, keep and listen to as often as you like. All rights to the recording of your session are yours. Jac keeps a back up copy of the recording for one week.


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